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LEVRONE Anabolic Pro Bar

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Here is a product which allows you to enjoy the sweet taste even on a restrictive diet during weight loss! LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRO BAR is an excellent substitute for sweets and a convenient snack to enrich your daily diet with complete proteins. The product has been prepared for physically active people and healthy eating enthusiasts who love sweets and want to reduce "empty calories". Delicious texture, amazing flavours and high protein content - try it and enjoy every bite!

What are the advantages of LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRO BAR ingredients?

•  A handy bar containing a blend of complete milk protein!

•  A clever combination of whey and calcium caseinate, enriched with exogenous amino acids BCAA.

•  Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, especially during periods of increased physical activity and regular training.

•  Protein supports healthy bone health.

•  Convenient size and perfected composition make the bar perfect for a snack after exercise.

•  The texture reflects the high calorie and convenience store bars - a great alternative to fattening sweets!

•  Incredibly delicious flavours that awaken the senses help to satisfy the desire for something sweet.

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