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PEAK Liver Support (90)

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The liver – the centre of metabolism

The liver is one of the most important internal organs and the central organ of the entire metabolism. Every day it is exposed to a variety of stresses and strains and cleanses about 1.5 litres of blood per minute from countless toxic substances that enter the organism. Furthermore, the liver chemically converts some nutrients that are ingested with food and even stores some of them so that they can be used by the human metabolism.

For many competitive athletes, the liver is the weakest link in the chain of factors that contribute to peak performance. For this reason, this important organ should also receive special nutritional support. Liver Support contains proven plant extracts from milk thistle (sylimarin), artichoke (cynarin) and sesame (sesamin), which are supplemented in sports nutrition for liver care. In addition, the bioavailability of the ingredients used is to be optimised by black pepper extract (piperine).

The better the liver can perform its detoxification function and make nutrients such as amino acids, protein, etc. bioavailable, the more efficient the entire organism is.


Liver Support with new improved formula

In addition to doubling the artichoke extract, the ingredients Spirulina Powder, Inositol and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine are new in the new formula of Liver Support. 

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that has been valued for centuries for its health-promoting properties. In relation to the liver, spirulina algae is said to have antioxidant effects. The vitamins and phenolic compounds found in spirulina can act together to affect the liver.   Inositol is a vitamin-like substance that can support the liver's enzyme system in fat metabolism. 

N-acetyl-L-cysteine is a strong antioxidant and precursor of the substance glutathione, which also functions as an antioxidant in the cells. As a glutathione building block, substances present in the liver are converted into an excretable form during detoxification. 

These processes are supported by the ingredient choline, already contained in the previous version, which has been proven to contribute to the maintenance of normal liver function. 

In addition, selenium provides antioxidant properties and has been shown to help protect cells from oxidative stress.