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Skull Labs Skull Crusher 350 g Mango-maracuja

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SKULL LABS SKULL CRUSHER pre-workout supplement is a multi-ingredient composition prepared for fans of intensive workouts. The product has been prepared in the form of an easily soluble powder, with incredibly refreshing flavours to quench your thirst. The formula contains as many as 12 active components, which have been selected in optimal proportions and obtained from top quality, tested sources. The composition is a combination of NO boosters, stimulants, nootropic ingredients and B vitamins. The well-thought-out formula guarantees real support during strenuous strength and endurance exercise, and will help you achieve your goals. Experience real help during extreme effort! What are the benefits of SKULL LABS SKULL CRUSHER ingredients?

  • Complete pre-workout - rich composition and perfectly selected proportions of components guarantee solid support - without the need to use additional half-measures!
  • Citrulline malate may support nitric oxide (NO) production, which can be valuable for example in increasing performance, improving strength and endurance or subjectively reducing fatigue
  • The use of beta-alanine during physical activity has a beneficial effect on enhancing carnosine production. As a result, beta-alanine may improve neuromuscular performance, reduce fatigue, enhance cell buffering capacity or increase anaerobic capacity
  • Betaine may have important benefits for bodybuilding and for certain training parameters
  • Caffeine may show positive effects on cognitive function, dismissing feelings of fatigue or increasing performance during psychophysical effort
  • L-theanine may be valuable for improving sleep quality and enhancing certain psychological functions (e.g., reaction time speed or concentration and attention)
  • There is speculation that the use of ℽ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) by people who exercise may affect the concentration of growth hormone (GH)
  • Niacin together with vitamin B6 contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, affect the reduction of feelings of fatigue and tiredness, and help maintain optimal energy metabolism
  • Choline and vitamin B6 have a beneficial effect on keeping normal homocysteine metabolism

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