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SKULL LABS® Angel Dust Shot 120 ml

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SKULL LABS ANGEL DUST SHOT is a pre-training supplement in the form of a small shot ampoule. The liquid form of the product guarantees effective and fast absorption of the active ingredients, which have been selected in optimal proportions. The product has been designed for people in training who are looking for a quick and handy form of support against increasing levels of fatigue. The pre-trainer will be effective in all forms of physical activity – both in recreational and professional athletes.


What are the benefits of SKULL LABS ANGEL DUST SHOT ingredients?

•      Handy pre-training shot – a complex of valuable ingredients supporting the fight against increasing levels of psychophysical fatigue

•      Economical packaging - each ampoule contains up to 4 suggested doses of the supplement

•      Only proven and effective ingredients – precisely selected proportions of components used ensure effective and optimal action

•      Beta-alanine influences the synthesis and levels of carnosine in muscles – a dipeptide which plays an important role in maintaining the correct pH level in muscles, supports fatigue reduction, is used during body shaping and supports training adaptation and a part of exercise capacity

•      Caffeine shows positive effects on cognitive function, supports fatigue reduction, affects metabolic rate, and works well during physical activity

•      Taurine may prove to be a valuable support for antioxidant mechanisms

•      The combination of taurine and caffeine may have an important role during exercise

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