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OstroVit Supreme Pure Leucine 200 g natural

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OstroVit Leucine 200 g

OstroVit Leucine is a top-class preparation, based on only one ingredient which is L-leucine. Excessive aromas, preservatives and fillers have been deliberately omitted here, and the ideal absorbability as well as micronization at the pharmaceutical level, made it possible to create an almost ideal supplement. Minimalism and the highest quality in every detail!

OstroVit Leucine 200 g natural200 GRAMS per package 40 PORTIONS per package 2 SCOOPS 1 serving = 2 scoops

  • 200 g L-leucine
  • 40 servings of L-leucine in the package
  • The main amino acid that builds muscles
  • No fillers, flavors or preservatives


L-leucine is an organic chemical compound from the group of exogenous (essential) protein amino acids which build our muscles.It is the most important of the three branched chain amino acids that make up the famous BCAA supplement. Our body cannot itself synthesize it, which is why supplementation or a properly balanced diet is necessary for the proper functioning of our body, which also translates into an optimal, physiological state of muscle tissue growth. L-leucine stimulates protein synthesis and stops their breakdown. It has a strong anabolic effect. Directly activates mTOR kinase, which is responsible for the strength and muscle mass increasing.

Properties of the ingredients contained in OstroVit Leucine:

  • Research indicates that L-leucine increases our insulin sensitivity
  • Ideally suited as a supplement during tiring periods of fat reduction
  • Considered the most important amino acid that stimulates protein synthesis
  • It acts as an activator of mTOR kinase, the main metabolic pathway in our body, responsible primarily for the increased synthesis of new muscle fibers
  • Supports the structure and strength of our muscles
  • Promotes increased transport of ATP - high-energy bonds that provide energy for our body