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LEVRONELevro Pump 360 g

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LEVRONE LEVRO PUMP is a multi-ingredient composition in the form of easily dissolvable powder, which has been prepared with a view to enthusiasts of intensive and exhausting workouts. The product combines optimally selected concentrations of six active ingredients that are commonly used in sports supplementation. The supplement has no added sugar, and its refreshing and incredibly oaty flavour will help quench your thirst in even the most critical moment. The pre-training supplement is characterised by its easy solubility, which makes it possible to prepare it quickly. The formula is recommended primarily to fans of bodybuilding and strength and endurance sports.

What are the advantages of LEVRONE LEVRO PUMP ingredients?

•  Exceptionally well-thought-out formula - as many as 6 different components ensuring a multidimensional effect during work on your fitness and figure

•  The combination of L-arginine and L-citrulline can affect blood pressure, which contributes to the "muscle pump" effect, promoting the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles

•  L-arginine may have a valuable effect on enhancing blood flow

•  L-citrulline supplementation may prove to be a valuable support for increasing performance and reducing feelings of muscle fatigue

•  Beta-alanine has been shown to increase carnosine levels, muscle endurance and lean mass

•  L-tyrosine may have valuable applications in endurance training

•  Caffeine affects psychological functions (e.g., wakefulness and attention), mood time, fatigue, metabolic rate, and thermogenesis

•  Taurine is an amino acid that may be important in the context of reducing oxidative stress


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