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The formula of LEVRONE SHABOOM PUMP SHOT is dedicated to people who love exhausting endurance and power training, who are looking for uncompromising support and a convenient way to quickly deliver valuable active ingredients. The product is a carefully selected combination of many valuable components with pre-training properties (including AAKG, citrulline malate, taurine, caffeine and beta-alanine), which have been prepared in the form of a fruit-flavoured liquid contained in a small shot bottle. The formula comes in 4 suggested doses, allowing you to easily adjust the amount of ingredients to your individual needs or to the level of intensity of your training. The product is recommended for recreational and professional athletes.

What are the benefits of LEVRONE SHAABOOM PUMP SHOT ingredients?

•  L-arginine supplementation may affect blood flow rate, exercise parameters as well as nitric oxide production and content

•  The use of L-citrulline during a period of regular exercise may impact performance and support the reduction of muscle fatigue

•  The use of L-arginine and L-cytrulline in peri-exercise supplementation may be valuable for the "muscle pump" effect and for influencing the transport of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles

•  Beta-alanine as an essential component in carnosine synthesis may lead to increased carnosine content and support maintenance of optimal pH

•  Beta-alanine supplementation may have a significant impact on fatigue reduction and lean muscle mass formation

•  Taurine may play a role as a component in reducing oxidative stress in physically active individuals

•  Caffeine is used to reduce fatigue, affect cognitive function, and influence some exercise capacity

•  The presence of whey protein isolate (WPI) may be helpful for growth and maintenance of muscle mass

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