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Via Fortis Premium Chalk (300g)

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  • PERFECT GRIP – The VIA FORTIS Liquid Chalk provides a firm grip thanks to its special formula and prevents slipping during calisthenics, CrossFit, climbing & bouldering or strength training.
  • BETTER THAN GLOVES - Fitness gloves reduce performance by the layer between the skin and the bar. Professionals swear on chalk to avoid sweating hands and train more efficiently.
  • For climbing hall & gym – unlike powder, liquid magnesia is virtually dust-free, making it ideal for climbing halls and as a gym chalk for gyms (where powder is often prohibited).
  • Various sports – climbing, bouldering, calisthenics, crossfit, bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, gymnastics, athletics, pole dancing – the list can be continued. Numerous athletes of different sports use liquid chalk to improve their performance in training and competitions.
  • Premium quality – The Via Fortis liquid chalk is manufactured in accordance with European guidelines under strict quality control in the EU. Tested quality instead of cheap Far East imports. Your skin will thank you!

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