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BAD ASS Shaker 700 ml Red/Black

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With BAD ASS SHAKER your daily diet will be even easier! Here is an extremely handy, extremely durable and truly leak-proof shaker, which can hold as much as 700 ml of liquid. The gadget is perfect for preparing sports supplements and nutrients, and it can also be used as a container for some meals (e.g. cocktails, creams, smoothies, yoghurts with added fruit). The product is recommended for amateurs and professionals who value comfort and want to follow their supplementation goals without any problems. What are the benefits of BAD ASS SHAKER 700 ML?

  • Perfect size, slim shape and large capacity – the ideal shaker for every active lifestyle fan,
  • An indispensable gadget for quick and convenient preparation of supplements in powder form,
  • Works well with every type of supplement – from gainers, carbo and protein supplements, through pre-training supplements, to BCAA amino acids, glutamine or creatine,
  • Solid design - strong material guarantees protection against damage, high level of tightness protects against unexpected leakage of the contents.

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