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LEVRONE LEVRO LEAN dietary supplement is a preparation in the form of small and easy to swallow tablets, which was prepared for people who want to get rid of excess weight and support the slimming process. The formula is a precise combination of highly standardized plant extracts with essential vitamins. Optimally selected proportions of individual components provide effective and multidimensional support for your daily diet. The product is recommended for physically active people and lovers of healthy nutrition. The product contains natural sources of caffeine, which is associated with properties stimulating the nervous system. The universal composition of the supplement makes it can be used equally by women and men.

What are the advantages of LEVRONE LEVRO LEAN ingredients?

•  Well thought-out composition of high quality standardized plant extracts with the addition of valuable vitamins

•  Multi-ingredient formula dedicated to people during weight loss, control of normal body weight and fight against stubborn fat tissue

•  The product is recommended for people exercising recreationally and for professional athletes, especially fans of figure sports (e.g. bodybuilding and fitness)

•  Green tea leaf and guarana seed extracts as sources of natural caffeine - valuable support against fatigue, thermogenesis and cognitive function

•  Ginger extract may be beneficial for enhancing the thermic effect of food and feelings of satiety

•  Ginger extract as a source of active gingerols may affect glutathione levels

•  Cocoa extract and its active ingredients may have cardioprotective properties

•  Green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid may affect mood, attention, and lower blood pressure

•  Vitamins B and C interact to maintain normal energy metabolism and help reduce feelings of fatigue

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