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OstroVit Vitargo 1000 g

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OstroVit Vitargo 1000 g

OstroVit VITARGO is a series of carbohydrate supplements, especially dedicated to all physically active people, whose main ingredient is VITARGO starch. The product is characterized by a high content of carbohydrates (90%), which is the primary source of energy in our diet. If you regularly do sports and want an easy way to provide your diet with high molecular carbohydrates - try our OstroVit VITARGO - nutrients available in two capacities and three flavors!

  • 1 package = 13 suggested servings
  • 3 flavor variants, including natural
  • 68 g of carbohydrates in each serving

What are the characteristics of dietary supplements containing VITARGO starch?

Starch also called polysaccharide is the main carbohydrate found in cereal grains, legumes, potatoes and other tubers and roots. VITARGO is a type of carbohydrate that is derived precisely from starch. They are characterized by high molecular weight and high osmolarity levels. As a result, they have the ability to quickly replenish muscle glycogen and are a source of easily digestible energy. Therefore, supplementation with carbohydrate nutrient OstroVit VITARGO is recommended for people with increased physical activity, whose need for carbohydrates in the diet is increased. Thanks to its convenient powder form, it's easy to prepare and you can take it anywhere you want - it's the perfect snack to prepare in a few moments both during and after a workout. Just mix it with water to get a serving of a delicious drink with a constant amount of carbohydrates equal to 68 g. Regular supplementation of VITARGO allows efficient supplementation of the daily diet with essential carbohydrates, thus helping to maximize physical effort and accelerate post-workout recovery.