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OstroVit Dextrose 1500 g lemon

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OstroVit Dextrose 1500 g

OstroVit Dextrose is a dietary supplement based only on pure dextrose, which is characterized by a fast absorption time in our body. Dextrose is a simple sugar (isomer; D-glucose), which means that in a very short time we are able to provide the body with the energy injection necessary at the moment. The product is dedicated primarily to athletes and people with increased energy demand.

  • 1500 g in the package
  • Delicious flavors from the TRUE TASTE flavor range
  • The month of supplementation = 30 portions in the package
  • One serving is 50 g of OstroVit Dextrose

Dextrose - simple sugar that lowers blood sugar

Dextrose is a sugar (monosaccharide) from the group of aldohexoses. Mostly known as glucose because it is its isomer in the "D" configuration in the Fischer projection. Dextrose is a crystalline solid, with a sweet taste, characterized by very rapid absorption into the bloodstream. The adopted portion of dextrose raises blood sugar levels and stimulates our pancreas to secrete insulin. Its task is to lower blood sugar levels by "catching" glucose molecules from it and "embedding" them into muscles or liver, where they store energy in the form of glycogen - energy reserve material in animal organisms. Glycogen is consumed during physical exertion, which is why it is so important to supplement it.

Properties of the ingredients contained in OstroVit Dextrose:

  • Have a high-energy effect
  • Product dissolves and absorbs very well
  • Increase the level of insulin in the body
  • Support the transport of creatine
  • Replenish glycogen in our body
  • Can improve endurance and strength in training