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OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE 200 g

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OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE 200 g

OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE is a plant-based dietary supplement in the form of pure apple fiber from natural and carefully selected apple fibers. The product has a pleasant apple aroma, and thanks to its powder form, supplying diet with fiber has never been so simple.

Dietary fiber is an important element of maintaining proper intestinal peristalsis. A natural dietary supplement should be taken with the right amount of liquid. Do not consume the preparation dry!

What is OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE dietary supplement?

OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE is a powdered apple fiber of natural origin. The dietary supplement is recommended in particular to people who want to maintain a healthy diet, are struggling with overweight or obesity.

Apple fiber is insoluble in water and in contact with liquid it quickly swells. One package of the product is enough for 40 servings.

Contrary to popular belief, fiber is recommended not only to people on a diet, but also to all those who lead a healthy lifestyle and want to reach for valuable nutrients of natural origin.

Properties of the ingredients contained in OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE:

  • IDEAL FOR PEOPLE ON A DIET - When ingested, apple fiber absorbs water and swells in the stomach. Thanks to this, it reduces the feeling of hunger and suppresses appetite. Makes a smaller amount of a meal more satisfying you, so you will not overeat.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE - You can consume apple fiber powder in combination with water, juice or yogurt. You can also add it to a fruit smoothie, smoothie or porridge, enriching their nutritional properties.
  • INTENDED FOR VEGANS - OstroVit Apple Fiber VEGE is a natural line of plant-based supplements and can be used to supplement vegan’s or vegetarian’s diet. The product does not contain animal ingredients.