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Weider Maximum Krea-Genic Capsules 100 capsules

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An old bodybuilding adage is that muscle mass grows in proportion to strength. The opinion of many bodybuilders is that strength is only a relatively insignificant aspect of weight training. In fact, strength is not obvious, but is needed to stimulate muscle mass to grow. This is because the decisive factor is one's strength, which varies from person to person. The greater the strength, the greater the muscle growth! Up to 30% strength increases are possible. The pause times between sets are also shortened. Short, powerful growth training is now possible. Normal creatine only increases the creatine storage and thus the fast strength. While KREA-GENIC brings even more energy, because less is broken down and stored faster in the muscle cell. Note: Lack of intensity can not be compensated by increased volume.

Product Properties:

  • Remains stable in the stomach and blood (double buffered).
  • Almost loss-free absorption into the muscles.
  • Unique: two buffers in one molecular compound.
  • Rapid absorption through natural utilization of the sodium-dependent transport mechanism.
  • Helps to more pump - growth - strength

Recommended dosage: On training days take 4 capsules before training with water or juice. On non-training days take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules before sleeping, together with a protein shake.

Packaging unit: jar with 100 capsules